Fair Gaming

At Grand Reef Casino, we believe in offering only the best online gaming entertainment. For your gaming experience to be fun, it also needs to be fair. To ensure that you enjoy a deeply thrilling gaming experience, we insist on conducting all our gaming transactions with the utmost security, authenticity and scrutiny.

To ensure that you enjoy the best gaming experience available online, we have opted to have our servers hosted by Playtech N.V. This means that Grand Reef Casino has no control over the outcome of any game or the result of any game. We believe this to be the best way for our players to experience completely random and fair gaming.

Playtech has done a number of tests and analysis to determine the randomness of games offer at Grand Reef Casino. After testing millions of games, the verdict is clear: Playtech have reported 100% randomness on all their software. In addition to giving you this ease of mind, we also publish payout certificates on a monthly basis, and have our casino software examined periodically by an independent third party accounting firm. This is the most open, honest and fair communication that we believe our players enjoy. Our players are able to examine every single result of their gaming history through the help of a unique graphical record. This record shows the player’s result as we as the dealer’s, for each individual game played.

Staff and employees of both Playtech N.V and Grand Reef Casino are not permitted (or able, through internal accounts) to play on any jackpot or progressive game with real money. In addition, they are not permitted to enter any competitions, promotions, draws or any other prize giveaway offered by Grand Reef Casino. These rules are strictly enforced to ensure that no Jackpot payouts or promotional prizes can be won “by the house”.

Furthermore, strict security controls are in place to ensure that:

  • Any person who opens a Grand Reef Casino account is 18-years or older; underage gambling is strictly forbidden
  • Players can prevent certain family members from gambling, should they wish to do so
  • Illegal players do not play at our casino
  • Players can find information on gambling support organizations on our website
  • Our Software is 100% fair and secure in all the games and transactions that we offer
  • We follow a Code of Regulations in administering of all our games


TST Technical Systems Testing North America Incorporated, owned by GLI Europe B.V., is a well-known and respected statistical and technical software testing firm, located in Vancouver, BC Canada They test all of our poker and casino games to industry-standard levels of fairness and accuracy, and issue letters of compliance for sites that satisfy these stringent standards..

Note: all our gaming software is written by Playtech, the leading software provider in the gaming industry. Therefore, the TST compliance letters feature Playtech’s name. As a Playtech client, we use their software without alteration and therefore can display this logo and the compliance letter that it links to.

Please Click here to view our TST Certificate.

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